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One Touch

One Touch

What does One Touch mean in Binary Options trading?

A ‘One Touch’ Binary Option is an option type that is hugely popular among binary option traders. The options are made available during the weekends when major markets are closed. An attractive characteristic of this type of option is the huge payouts on offer. If you are looking for a good trading option to work with on weekends, One Touch options are all you need.

As high as 500% in payouts

Here at CherryTrade, One Touch options offer you the chance of making 500% returns on your investment amount. It should be noted that these types of options can be more challenging than standard binary options. With One Touch, you have to be sure that price of the asset will get to a predetermined level. This is unlike some standard options where you only need to predict the direction of the underlying asset’s movement.  The direction and target price have to be selected on the platform before entering the trade.

With a One Touch option, you can assess a prediction and make a decision as to whether it will come to pass or not within a specific time frame.

For instance: if the EUR/JPY closes at 120.78, CherryTrade would offer two options. The first is a “Call” option saying that the asset will touch 123.78 within the following week. The second is a “Put” option saying that the asset will fall to 117.78 at least once within the coming week.

All you need for your trade to close in the money is a single touch of the designated price. As soon as the target price is reached, you have earned your profit.

To start trading One Touch with us here on CherryTrade, click here to open an account with us.

Terms & Conditions for One Touch

•   You can only purchase One Touch options from Midnight on Saturday to 7:00 pm on Sunday. The market movement
from 12:00 am on Monday to 5:10 pm on Friday is used as yardstick for judgement.

•   You can only purchase this option based on the prices we provide. You cannot set your own price. The rates we
take into consideration in determining if target was reached or not are those offered by Reuters.

•   The promised payout will reflect in your account on the day and time the option is deemed to expire. This is on
Friday at 8.00 pm.

•   Contact us if you have any further questions regarding One Touch Binary Options Trading.