GOLD VS OIL 13.0449 15:30 18.09 VODAFONE VS ORANGE 17.6849 15:30 18.09 TWITTER 51.7050 15:30 18.09 LINKEDIN VS FACEBOOK 2.7345 15:30 18.09 STOXX 50 F VS FTSE F 0.47860 15:30 18.09 DOLLAR INDEX F. 84.495 15:30 18.09 3M 146.210 15:30 18.09 BLACKBERRY 10.9050 15:30 18.09 OMX C20 770.1339 15:30 18.09 BMW 90.2550 15:30 18.09 RENAULT 59.6250 15:30 18.09 APPLE VS AMAZON 0.31259 15:30 18.09 CITIGROUP VS AIG 0.95332 15:30 18.09 SIEMENS AG 97.6700 15:30 18.09 DEUTSCHE BANK 27.6450 15:30 18.09 DAIMLER AG 63.7800 15:30 18.09 ALLIANZ SE 137.2500 15:30 18.09 FACEBOOK 76.9200 15:30 18.09 USD/SEK 7.11285 15:30 18.09 EUR/SEK 9.18048 15:30 18.09 DAX VS FRANCE 40 2.19479 15:30 18.09 GOLD VS SILVER 66.0472 15:30 18.09 APPLE VS GOOGLE 0.17361 15:30 18.09 BNP BANK VS BARCLAYS 0.23154 15:30 18.09 IBEX FUTURE 10969.5000 15:30 18.09 CHF/JPY 116.283 15:30 18.09 STARBUCKS 75.4250 15:30 18.09 SALESFORCE.COM 57.2350 15:30 18.09 TZA-SHORT X3 14.6450 15:30 18.09 TNA-LONG X3 74.1400 15:30 18.09


CherryTrade believes all of its traders should have the highest level of education when trading Binary Options.  Binary Options is a simple concept to understand however the more knowledge a trader has the higher profits a trader can make. Cherry Trade wants its traders to have top of the line training to ensure the most success when trading on their platform.

CherryTrade offers numerous educational tools for all of its traders.  They provide all new traders with a binary options eBook.  This eBook contains helpful information about trading binary options, as well as a full glossary of terminology. Cherry Trade also has a video academy with numerous educational videos.  Additionally, Cherry Trade offers video courses and live webinars.  These courses can teach traders anything from trading techniques to money management tips.

These training tools will give all traders the burst of confidence they need to make smart and successful trades. Trading experts can take advantage of our advanced courses while beginners can learn all the basics of binary options.

Introduction Video Library

Take your trading to the next level with these interactive videos.  Whether you are a beginner, experienced or professional trader, you can benefit from our exclusive video library.  This interactive training course covers four essential topics.

Watch video  
  • Introduction to Binary Options
    A summary of the Binary Options market, different financial tools, and reasons why the market changes.
  • Trading Psychology
    One of the most popular courses. This course helps traders understand the importance of emotional intelligence while trading, and how to deal with loss.
  • Financial Management
    In this lesson you’ll learn how vital it is to correctly manage your money.
  • Market Analysis
    This lesson teaches traders the difference between technical and fundamental analysis

Video Trading Courses

These courses educate traders of all types.  Most questions traders have can be answered by viewing one of these informative videos.

Watch video  

  • Course Introduction
    This course will teach you why trading is important. It also gives insight into what you will be learning as your training continues.
  • The world of global trading
    This course will summarize the Binary Options Market, explain the use for different financial instruments and what factors drive the market.
  • Binary Options Advantages
    This course explains all the pros of trading Binary Options
  • Trading is an art form
    This teaches traders what they need to know in order to become a successful trader.
  • Chance and Risk
    Understand the concept of chances and risks when trading Binary Options.  Learn how these concepts can affect your trades.
  • Are you an emotional trader?
    This course analyzes how your emotions may affect your trading.  It explains how you must be in a specific state of mind in order to succeed.
  • Distributing Risks
    This explains how proper capital management can be the difference between a good or bad investment.

  • Passive Trading 5/15 Rule
    This teaches the 5/15 rule, and how it can help with successful trading.
  • Agressive Trading 10/30 Rule
    Learn the 10/30 rule, and when the optimal time a trader should use it.
  • Market analysis types
    Get insight on the two basic types of market analysis.
  • Trend
    Learn what a market trend is and how it can help a trader find direction in the market.
  • Support and Resistance
    Learn what support and resistance are, and how to identity support/resistance lines.
  • Shooting star, Harami patterns
    Understand characteristics and features of patterns and how to identify them.
  • Engulfing+, Downside Gap Three
    Understand characteristics and features of patterns and how to identify them.
  • Breakaway, 3 White Soldiers
    Understand characteristics and features of patterns and how to identify them.

Advanced Course

Learn numerous tactics derived from senior analysts on how to make the best trades.

Watch video  
  • Winning Tactic
    This lesson teaches you how to create a winning trading strategy.   As well as, how to choose the best strategy for you.
  • Basic Technical Analysis
    Learn the basics of technical analysis and how it can help predict future market movements such as price patterns and trend types
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
    In this lesson you will practice advanced technical analysis techniques and how to recognize patterns.

Trading e-Book

This free interactive e-Book will teach traders the benefits of trading binary options.

Watch video  
We encourage traders to read this book to learn step-by-step instructions on how to trade smartly.
Topics include: 
• Traders’ psychology and behavior
• Essential concepts and terms
• Tips for a successful trading
• How to use trading tools
• Practice basic and important technique’
• Learn how to trade
• Learn when to trade